My work is a health based approach that focuses on wellbeing and joy.

  • We learn principles of wellbeing and integrate them into our lives.
  • We focus on taking full responsibility for our own happiness and acquire the tools to align our lives with that happiness.
  • We learn to communicate with integrity as well as appreciate our common humanity.
  • We orchestrate our lives around sound values while powerfully expressing our unique creativity.
  • We distinguish and free ourselves of old negative patterns of thinking and consciously generate our lives from the opportunity this moment brings.

For Individuals or Couples

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“I now have a better understanding of myself, which has translated into a better relationship with my wife, my children, my friends, and my colleagues at work.”

“The process to self awareness in relationships that Simcha Frischling has formulated is well thought out and excitingly eye opening”

“Simcha gives individuals a real taste of what it feels like to give with an open heart. Thanks”

“Amazingly powerful soul searching work”

“I feel like a huge weight has left me. I can see my life beginning to change drastically.”

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